The big boy bed

My husband and I have been co-sleeping with our son from the beginning. He is now 2 years and 4 months old. We are ready to have the bed to ourselves again. We know from other family bed families that this transition can be a huge challenge. This weekend we put a toddler bed frame up in our bedroom. A couple of days latter we got a nice new mattress in it. I have been talking about this change with our little man. So far the answer is a big no. We are willing to go slowly.

We thought he might be more interested if the bed was decked out in things he likes. I went to the fabric store Monday get fabric for a “custom” comforter and blanket. I’m also doing a pillow case and sham. So my husband asked about the fitted sheet. My first reply is that we will have to buy them. For some reason I just had a block about it. Surely this was just impossible right. Silly me!

I’ve been doing a bit of searching and it seems that fitted sheets, at least toddler bed size, are not that difficult. The biggest challenge may be my ability to fold a square and straight line.

Here are a few tutorials that seem helpful if you are in the mood to make your own sheets for value and or aesthetics.

Ribbet collage

1. Pretty Prudent Crib Sheet Tutorial – corner elastic

2. Dana Made It Crib Sheet Tutorial– all round elastic in casing

3. Fitted bed sheet from alternative windows – How to measure for any mattress, and encased corner elastic.

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