Upcycle! old t-shirt =new jammies

SAMSUNG CAMERA PICTURES I started making jammies for Monkey boy this fall. A quick look at my local stores showed a pair of long sleeve and pants jammies going for $8-$12. I make this for less and $3 a pair and I can cut and assemble them in a couple of hours. Here is what you need:

SAMSUNG CAMERA PICTURES I started with this awesome tee (cat optional). I paid full price of $4 at Goodwill because I loved the pattern. I usually only by the 1/2 off stuff. Next you have to disassemble to tee. Using a seam ripper carefully remove the ribbing from the neckline.You can cut the sleeves off, again carefully cutting right along the seam line. Set the sleeves aside for now. . SAMSUNG CAMERA PICTURES SAMSUNG CAMERA PICTURES We are going to cut the pajama top from the body of the men’s tee. It is nice to start with a tee without side seams. I line the shirt sleeves of my pattern up using the side edges of my tee as the fold in the pattern.I also used the existing hem at the bottom of the tee for the finished hand opening of the shirt.  SAMSUNG CAMERA PICTURES Now separate  the front the back and the front of the original Tee. Use the remaining bits of the torso of the tee to cut the front and back of your jammie top. If you have the space you can line up the bottom edge of the pattern with the existing hem of the shirt so that you won’t need to do the hem yourself later. With this shirt I wanted to keep the printed detail so I lined mine up at close to the top of the tee as I could. SAMSUNG CAMERA PICTURES From here I just followed the directions with the pattern to assemble. You will need to find that ribbing that you so carefully removed to make the neck of the jammie top. Time to bring those sleeves back out to make that pants. I used this tutorial from Pretty Prudent  for sweater pants. The only change I made was to actually shape the rise or crotch seam of the pants. I used a pair of pants the fit him well as a template to cut the rise. (insert picture here !!) I used my double needle to stitch the waist band, the hem of the shirt and to finish of the neckband for a nice finishing touch. All other seams were sewn on my serger  but you could use a zigzag stitch on a standard machine as well. Happy Sewing

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